These Are the Region’s Best Spots to Catch a Wave

Surf season is here


Temperatures are getting warmer by the day and the voice urging to get yourself closer to a beach is getting louder. Chilling by the shore while enjoying an ice-cold beverage is good, but few things are more fun than actually getting in the water. What better way to do that than taking up surfing? Although the origins of the sport are not rooted within the region, the Arab World is still home to some of the planet’s best surfing spots. 

From Morocco to Iran, here are some of the best places to catch a wave in the Middle East and North Africa:

Essaouira, Morocco 

Essaouira, Morocco Nestled on the Moroccan South West coast, Essaouira, also known as the windy city is one of the region’s best spots to hop on a board and ride a tide. Offering the perfect blend of culture and sports, the city is a real hub and hosts hundreds of surf enthusiasts yearly. 

Tabarka, Tunisia 

tabarka surfingSurfing in the winter might sound intimidating, but it’s the right thing to do in Tabarka. The weather might not be the warmest but you will at least not have to fight for space when in water. Located in the north of the Tunisian republic, a three-hour drive away from the nation’s capital, the shore and time spent there are 100% worth the detour. 

Rabat, Morocco 

Rabat, MoroccoSituated in the north of Morocco, Rabat, the kingdom’s capital city, hosts the King’s palace but is also one of the Mediterranean’s budding surfing spots. A simple walk around the medina will be enough to back this statement as it is not uncommon to see surfboards around the main marketplace with young locals and tourists both gathering to share their lust for the sport together. Ideal during the summer, Rabat has to be on the top of your bucket list if ever wanting to organise a surfing trip. 

Bolochistan, Iran 

Bolochistan, IranIran is known for many things but certainly not surfing. Tucked right by the Gulf of Oman and not too far from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan’s borders, a real surfing culture is budding in the nation, which makes the region one of the best for those that want to venture around untamed waters and undiscovered views at the same time. 

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