Two Arab Series Are Nominated for an Emmy

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The International Emmy Awards are almost here—and Arab television is more present than ever. This year, not one, but two Arab series have been nominated for the prestigious award—and we’re here to tell you all about it.

Beirut 6:07, the brainchild of Lebanese filmmakers Ghady Rahbani and Karim Rahbani has been nominated. The TV series, or rather the moving anthology which is made of 15 short films, tells the stories of various victims who were affected and survived the tragic explosion that shattered the Lebanese capital last year. 

The series brought together a group of 15 Lebanese directors to tell various stories, each unique and trailing their events before and after the explosion. Nadine Labaki’s sister, Caroline is among those features, choosing to tell the story of the firefighters who responded to the tragic event at the port. 

The series is set to premiere on MBC’s streaming platform Shahid VIP on October 17.

On the other hand, Egyptian actress Menna Shalaby has been nominated for an Emmy as well. The actress will compete in the category of ‘Best Performance by an Actor’ for her role in the 10-episode crime series Fe Kol Esboa’ Youm Gomma, meaning Every Week Has a Friday.  Shalaby’s stunning performance sees her play the role of Nour in the Mohamed Shaker directed show. 

“No words can express how honored I am”, Shalaby posted on facebook. “Thank you International Emmy Awards for the nomination, I feel incredibly overwhelmed, humbled, and happy to be the first ever Egyptian/Arab actress nominated for her performance in an Arabic series.”

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