5 of the Arab World’s Most Popular Twitch Streamers

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Livestream platform Twitch has managed to galvanise a whole generation of Y2K babies and, with time, has unanimously become one of the crown capitals of the gaming industry. 

The 2010s saw the rise of vlogging. The 2020s are all about not only watching people play games, but interacting with them as well. And it’s heavily been growing on the Arab World. 

Proving that no one can be immune to the contagious streaming epidemic, the countless hours spent in front of screens by some have propelled them into becoming overnight stars to be followed by millions of fans. 

We all know how passionate we can get when it comes to video games so here’s the region’s top 5 most popular streamers to make sure to keep an eye out for.



Having generated over 19M views on his channel up until now, RakanooLive is an avid Fortnite and Call of Duty player whose live reactions can often be turned into memes. Carrying a heavy community of followers on Instagram too, the young streamer is for sure set to make some big waves. 



Second on this list is ixxYjYxxi, a player that averages a solid 4000 views a session playing Minecraft, Fall Guy or the all-time classic Fortnite. The username is special and one that you won’t forget even if you tried. 



At his peak, Shongxbong can reach up to 100 000 viewers in one night playing his way through GTA or Call of Duty. Funny and incredibly skilled, his persona is worth the sub. 



Very vocal and expressive, the Saudi native is on his road to one million and with his stats we know that it won’t take him long. 



Known for playing Grand Theft Auto and Among us, Swelyy is showing some promising numbers as he is slowly making his way to the top. Active since 2018, his rise has been fast and we can only see it get faster from now.

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