Main image Credits: Fichier Caché T-Shirt captured by @djoxiii

8 T-Shirts You Need in Your Closet This Fall

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Main image Credits: Fichier Caché T-Shirt captured by @djoxiii

October is here, and with temperatures starting to cool down and office life reeling back in, all we look forward to is getting cosy, sparing ourselves the chore of mixing and matching at 6 in the morning.

After having spent the better part of the past two years sat at home in your makeshift office, you’re probably in the market for a few new pieces. Here’s our advice: shopping local is always better. Buying from and supporting our talents in the region should be on top of everyone’s shopping criteria.

So, without further ado, if you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe, or just have a fresh and cool, -but deep down you know it’s those ‘just grab and wear’- pieces in your closet, we’ve made a quick round-up of the newest T-shirt releases, from our favorite local Arab brands and designers.

Ya Habibi Market x Norf Africa

The coolest one on the market, that we are sure of, habibi. With all proceeds going to @algerianfoodbank, there isn’t one reason for these not to sell out.
Shop here:

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Meera Adnan

When activism meets fashion, it gives a new meaning to the pieces we wear. Meera Adnan, strong advocate for the Palestinian cause, dedicates a collection of T-shirts to her homeland, and invites other Palestinian creatives, each to work on a t-shirt. Designed by illustrator Narmeen Hamadeh, the ‘Habibati Alard’ T-shirt is a definite must-have.

Shop the collection here:

Fichier Caché

In a collaborative effort with Art Culture Studio, Tunis-based Fichier Caché invites you on a space exploration trip. 

Shop here:

Shabab intl


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Une publication partagée par شباب (@shababintl)

Here is the newest explosive release by genderless streetwear label Shabab. Funky yet fresh, impeccable cut, you will turn heads with this one.

Shop here:

Harira Gang


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Une publication partagée par Harira (@harira_gang)

Germany-based label Harira Gang might be new to the game, but they’re coming in strong. Their graphic ‘Rwina’ Tshirt is the perfect embodiment of the Harira Spirit. Cool and spicy.

Shop here:

Casino Hardware

Casino Hardware’s latest drop, the ‘Scorpion Wins’ is a tee to wear basically anywhere. ‘If you don’t play as Scorpion in Mortal Kombat, why even bother playing Mortal Kombat?’ says Casino. If you’re a fan of Mortal Kombat, this one is perfect for you. If not, just nod and get the T-shirt.

Shop here:

Amongst Few x Precious Trust

While we wait for the imminent launch of Precious Trust’s website, we’ve picked our favorite graphic Tee from Amongst Few’s collection in collaboration with famed streetwear brands in the Middle East celebrating community. ‘Together we grow’, it reads and yes, they hit the right spot with this one.

Shop here:

Chez Nous

The ‘Tataouine’ Tee by North African label Chez Nous is most definitely the one to have. Sober in black, this one is a timeless staple with a classy scripture of the brand’s name in Arabic, which means ‘At home’. Easy to style and to wear, the feeling of comfort will wrap you up, just like home.

Pre-order here:



Main image: Fichier Caché T-Shirt captured by @djoxiii

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