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Pink Hill

Take Your Self Care Routine to the Next Level With These Arab Wellness Brands

Natural, organic and local

Pink Hill

Some of us baked bread, others got really into yoga. We all tried our hand at at least one new hobby when the pandemic began—all with the goal of tuning out the chaos that surrounded us. 

Now, a year into the unprecedented circumstances, and chances are you’re feeling a little exhausted. And that’s perfectly normal. There’s no need to fill your life with activity beyond the necessary after everything we’ve been through. 

Instead, give yourself the opportunity for some TLC.  Rather than overexerting yourself, it might be a good idea to try a new herbal tea, or perhaps a therapeutic candle.  

And yes we know, with some many options out there, it’s hard to navigate your way into healthy and non-toxic choices. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the best natural and organic Arab wellness brands to shop.


Having troubles falling asleep? Try out Hikma’s ‘Pillow and Linen’ mists made from 100 percent organic therapeutic essential oils. The Dubai homegrown brand, founded by Tunisian-Canadian sustainability expert Mahdiah Eljed, merges natural incense, plants and fragrances to create ultra-healing and botanical products.

Green Bar

Green Bar is a Bahraini brand that produces 100 percent natural and non-toxic products. Handcrafted in the company’s laboratory located in the Arabian Peninsula, their beauty range is made from local botanical ingredients such as mint, mulberry, rose and palm. Their oud incense cones and sticks, detox bar soaps and relaxing body oils are a must-try. 

Bayan Artisan Tea


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If you like a warm cup of herbal tea to ease your mind, Bayan Artisan is where it’s at. The Kuwaiti brand produces naturally and organically grown herbs like lavender, elderflower and chamomile, classic green and red teas, and exotic Chinese teas such as Oolong and Puerh.

Pink Hill

Natural bath salts, handmade soap bars and organic scents, Pink Hill is you go-to for a spa day treat.

The Dirty Lamb


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Handcrafted from natural ingredients, The Dirty Lamb’s products are a must-have whenever you jump in the shower. Their coffee scrub (formulated from Arabica coffee beans) and their multi-use oil (includes oils from hemp seed, avocado, jojoba…) will do the trick.


The list would not be complete without some therapeutic candles. Tunisian brand Linature produces hand-poured natural candles from soy wax or propolis, pollen seed and beeswax. They come in different functions including energy, zen, intimacy and more.

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