Top Arab Womens Podcasts

Podcasts On the Lived Experiences of Arab Women

Curated by the Kerning Cultures Team

Top Arab Womens Podcasts

In our last round-up of the region’s freshest podcasts, we put a handful of the Arab World’s most thought-provoking digital conversations in focus, touching on everything from culture to not-so-banal talks about the body, patriarchy and the change most of our societies are currently experiencing. 

This time though, we decided to switch things up by just a notch. We invited the brilliant female-led team from Kerning Cultures to use their savoir-faire and knowledge in the podcasting arena to curate a specifically tailored list of programs about the lived experiences of women from the region so many of us like to call home. 

Here’s what they recommended:

Jasadi: Stories on the body, self, and the pieces in between.”
Illustrations by Mona Elkateb (@cantarticulate)

In its third season, Jasadi dives into the particularities of being an Arab woman. The episodes cover first hand accounts of the pains of pregnancy, female genital mutilations, orgasms, sexual harassment, miscarriage, and so much more. This season was produced in partnership with Mauj.

bhob podcast

Bhob “Swipe Left”:
Illustrations by Nora Zeid (@nazdraws)

Swipe Left is a miniseries following Sara, an Arab woman searching for love in the age of dating apps and the illusion of unlimited choices. The miniseries explores a place where a lot of women find themselves stuck; between wanting to find a partner and the constant disappointment that comes with trying and putting yourself out there.

Hanan Alshehri Podcast

“Words from the Heart” (كلام من القلب) with Hanan Alshehri:

On her ongoing journey to finding meaning, Hanan talks in this podcast about her experiences, findings and learnings. In this episode she interviews Nedal about how women sometimes put themselves in certain boxes which limits how they experience life.

Eyb Podcast

Eib عيب: 

“Eib” (Arabic for Shame) showcases everyday stories that are shaped by societal norms and gender roles, or any experiences that are tabooed. Using first-person storytelling, the podcast explores topics like getting over a bad break-up, becoming a widow, eating disorders and so on.


The Mother Being Podcast with Nour Emam: 

Nour Emam is an Egyptian doula committed to making women’s health accessible for all. The podcast explores all things traditionally deemed as taboo in the Arab world, and empowers women to know more about their bodies, health, choices, and personal agency.

9addat podcast


9addat is an interview style, Franco-Darija podcast featuring and celebrating women’s journeys in Morocco through. The podcast is hosted by Oumayma Zekri Ajarrai. 

Listener Numbers, Contacts, Similar Podcasts - Al Umuma

Al Umuma

A podcast hosted by three women navigating motherhood in all its bitter sweet stages. From pregnancy to parenthood, they give us a raw insider look and share all the things that no one talks about.

خلقت بنت podcast

Khilqit Binit: (
خلقت بنت)

An interview style podcast, interviewing inspiring and influential Arab women, a good fit for an interview with Mawj/Alma.

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