a man wearing a medical mask

This Website is Raising Awareness About Covid-19 in Arabic

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a man wearing a medical mask

Misinformation runs rampant in the Arab world. Whether it’s your auntie posting a random video by a pseudo scientist on Facebook, your mom forwarding panic-inducing texts by faux-intellectuals on WhatsApp, we’ve all had our relatives share information surrounding the Coronavirus.

To combat this, international organisations have been raising awareness. But whilst finding credible information is relatively easy in English, resources on the pandemic have been scarce in the Arabic language. 

With the MENA region in mind, Health-19 has stepped in. Launched by Dubai-based translation platform House of Content, the website is dedicated to providing accurate and well-structured translations of the world’s most important resources on COVID-19. 

With a strong belief that having a single platform with reliable information will help local communities around the MENA region battle this outbreak, House of Content is committed to delivering timely articles, FAQs and videos dedicated to explaining the pandemic, as well as detailed precautionary measures advised to be followed by the public to contain the virus,” the organisation said in a statement. 

Health-19’s publishing translated content from the WHO, the United States’s Centers of Disease Control, among other international and local organisations. There, you’ll find articles on how the virus spreads, the CDC’s recommendations on washing your hands, what to do if you are infected by Covid-19, and whether or not masks are effective in the prevention of Covid-19.


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