Arak Studios

Jordanian Label Arak Studios Makes Conscious Fashion Look Good

Calling on all supporters of Palestine

Arak Studios

Hailing straight out of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Arak Studios are keeping on their altruistic mission to give back and help the Palestinian people. Following the success of their previous collection, the label and social enterprise is back with a second release working, as per usual, with several local NGOs supporting the health and well-being of Palestinians. And they’re ensuring that everyone involved gets a fair share of recognition and monetary compensation for their work throughout the process of production.

This new line seeks to take us on “a trip down memory lane, the mind wanders, to find one’s true self”. Catering for the up-and-coming summer season, the sustainable label has patched some very light and colourful pieces made to be worn comfortably under the region’s scorching heat. References to Palestinian techniques of embroidery can be seen all throughout the line as they are impeccably explored and weaved in together via traditional motifs and more contemporary silhouettes.

Frontally challenging most ways in which we play into fast fashion, Arak Studios have also made sure that the stitched garments can be worn by everyone, not abiding by any gender norms. Timeless by design and authentic by meaning, the young brand is proving once again that support and assistance can be languaged in all sorts of manners, including fashion.

Cool and trendy, their melting pot of influences and inspiration have brought a stylish new collection to life — one you’ll surely want to add to your wardrobe.

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