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Art Dubai Rolls Out Local Programme Due to Coronavirus

Moving the focus to Middle Eastern art

Art Dubai galleries

Art Dubai might have postponed its 2020 art fair because of coronavirus, but it could be a blessing in disguise. The organisation will now be putting the spotlight on Arab artists instead by shifting their focus to the local community with a new programme that’s strictly dedicated to regional artists. 

If you’ve already planned your weekend around the fair, you’ll be happy to know that the new programme will still run on the same dates. 

“Given the essential role the fair plays in promoting local and regional artists, we have made the decision to stage a programme tailored to the local cultural community instead, including existing fair programme contributors and thought-leaders,” said the directors of Art Dubai Benedict Floyd, Pablo del Val and Chloe Vaitsou in a joint statement.

The plans include Art Dubai’s Global Art forum, and Residents – an exhibition by African artists that was created during local residencies over the last few months. 

Think of it as less of a cancellation and more of a downsizing. The news comes during a week that’s been full of reprogramming, but the organisation presents a major opportunity for regional artists to shine. 

The goals and ambitions for this re-configured program maintain our objective to deliver commercial, institutional and critical engagement with Dubai’s art ecosystem, a commitment of support to our local community that we felt an imperative to uphold,” the organisers said in their statement.

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