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Artist Alaa Balkhy Launches Saudi Clothing Brand

A look inside the Gulf-made label to watch

Based between Jeddah and New York City, Alaa Balkhy is by definition a jetsetter. Some might describe her as an influencer too, but the Saudi Arabian artist is much more than that. She can only be described as a serial entrepreneur.


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Balkhy made a name for herself years ago when she began plastering her illustrations on everything from bags to plush toys under the label Fyunka. Since then, her focus expanded. When she’s not shooting campaigns for Fendi and Tods, she’s working Minazine, the regional publication she co-founded. And now she’s designing Alaa Hashim, her new clothing label.

Although streetwear has taken over the region, Balkhy has chosen to take a different route. Heavily inspired by vintage finds, her inaugural collection takes you on a journey to the past, bringing back classic silhouettes. Entitled ‘Resort 19’, the collection includes a dainty pair of ruffled satin gloves that’ll have even the most boyish of us dying to rock them this summer.


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 And naturally, Balkhy always has Saudi Arabia in mind. The label is entirely made in the Gulf Kingdom, with a dress featuring embroidered palm trees—a symbol that’s part of the nation’s national emblem.

 And as further tribute, the collection’s colour palette is a direct homage. With bright greens reminiscent of the Kingdom’s flag, and soft corals that her hometown of Jeddah is particularly known for.

The Alaa Hashim collection is now available for purchase at OT KUTY, Jeddah.


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