Al Balad

Saudi Arabia Offers Artists the Chance to Retain Its History

Calling all artists, architects and designers

Al Balad

Whether you’re an architect, researcher, artist or designer, this is your opportunity to save Al Balad. A new course offers young creatives the opportunity to have a part in the preservation of Saudi’s heritage.

Led by the Centre for the Building Arts in Al Balad (which is a partnership between the Prince’s Foundation and the Ministry of Culture), the course will give participants exclusive access to the buildings themselves, as well as a series of modules centred around design and crafts.

Built in the seventh century, Al Balad (which literally translates to “The City”) is the historical area of Jeddah, famed for its picturesque coral buildings and lively streets. It’s the perfect hideaway for history buffs. With tourism opening up in the Kingdom, preserving its traditional facades is the next gen’s most pressing challenge. 

Interested in applying? Our advice is not to wait around. Lucky ones might even land a job working with the Ministry of Culture.

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