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This Kuwaiti Influencer is Handing Over Her Instagram to Black-Arab Women

Ascia is leading the way when it comes to allyship


The murder of George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis has become a catalyst for anti-racism protest across the world. And this momentum has now reached the GCC as well—a place where the oppressive Kafala system still operates—with some people using this time for introspection and reflection about the immediate systems that they interact with.

Kuwaiti influencer Ascia is spearheading the movement, committing to being a guiding voice for change. Counting 2.7 million followers, she has decided to use her Instagram platform to actively amplify black voices.

Until June 18, she is handing over her platform to black Arab women, whose voices and experiences have too often been silenced.

Her guests include Bahraini influencer Maryami, Saudi-born and Sudan-raised designer Amna Hamdto, Sudanese founder of Dukkan Radio Omar Tom, and Kuwaiti Netflix actress Colette Dalal Tchantcho.

Although people might question whether anti-black racism in the GCC is as explicit as in America, the truth is, it can be just as virulent (on average, two workers employed under the Kafala system die every week). And finding black Arab representation in the media and the entertainment industry is next-to-impossible. 

The time has come to celebrate black talent. Excited? Same! Get to know the guests below:

Zainab El Hajj

Digital Abdullah


Amna Hamdto

Omar Tom

Colette Dalal Tchantcho


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