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L’Atelier Nawbar’s Latest Collection is Gen Z’s Jewellery Dreams Come True

The 90s pieces we all needed.

If there’s one Arab jewellery label that undoubtedly stood the test of time, it’s L’Atelier Nawbar. Since its beginnings back in 1891, the house’s craftsmanship and tradition have continued to merge perfectly with the modernity of the times. A timeless brand, L’Atelier Nawbar carries a heritage of story-telling collections and a sentimental, mystical identity. 

Four generations on, the legacy now lies in the hands of Dima and Tania Nawbar. Playing with jewellery in their father’s workshop since childhood and picking stones and materials on family trips around the world, it’s safe to say that the sisters were destined for this. 

“We feel that being a jeweller is a lifestyle, it’s like belonging to a cult,” they said. Despite going on different study paths—Dima, a psychology and marketing graduate, and Tania, a graphic designer with stints at Selfridges and Burberry—they both ended up at TBWA advertising agency before getting the call from their father to join the family business.

“We had a concept in mind, we wanted to share our childhood experience with our clients, where they are welcome to come in and be involved as much as they like in the design process, customizing their pieces while having fun!” the sisters explained. As is the case for their latest collaboration with Lebanese fashion influencer Nathalie Fanj

The trio have teamed up for a capsule collection in tribute to the 90s pop style that has marked their childhoods. “I remember growing up in the 90s and being so inspired by my sisters who were teenagers then and how they dressed,” Fanj said before adding. “I own a lot of clothing items and jewellery from the 90s that I will never stop wearing.”

The collection features six rings, reminiscent of 90s popular plastic jewellery and memorable items from the era like cassette tapes. Boldly colored, the gold-plated statement pieces are handmade by fine jewellery artisans. Adorable motifs from a yin-yang sign and an eye to a smiley face and two hearts complete the joyful set.

“In a time that is so uncertain and grey, adding a bit of color and fun is everything,” the Nawbars added.

The collection is available on

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