Azadi.mp3 is the DJ to Watch this Year

With co-signs from NTS, keep an eye on Azadi

With lyrical soundscapes and atmospheric echoes, London-based artist and producer Azadi.mp3 brings a new sensitivity, slowness and heart to electronic music.

Azadi.mp3 has been welcomed onto the music scene by cult independent radio station NTS, and was selected for their WIP selection as one of the eight artists from around the world to watch and work with. As written by NTS, Azadi’s musical inspiration stems from a fusion of East and West, from Iranian bangers by Googoosh and rap queen Missy Elliot. The .mp3 in her musical tagline comes from digging deeper into this fused dialectic, spending hours after school collecting mp3’s on her Sony Ericsson. Using digital sound to marry the intersections of her heritage, her distinct style emerges from the gap in-between, a new space which is both proudly hybrid and culturally educated. Her track Who Is opens with a poetic lamentation in Persian, which is cut short by a beat by Azadi and is mixed by Mic-Lo the Dreamer. This is taken further by the track and visuals of Aphrodite, as Azadi emulates the Ancient Grecian goddess with a distinctly contemporary sound whilst retaining the sublime of the myth’s feminine ideal.

Not only a singer and producer, Azadi.mp3 is also the star of Lucy Luscombe’s new film for Dazed entitled Pagans, a 20-minute short filming gritty girlhood in the UK that has also been produced as a zine.

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