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Azza Slimene Teams Up With Yatay to Make Plastic-Free Sneakers

‘No More Plastic’ is the goal

Little are we aware of the mark our shoes leave behind. No, we’re not talking footprints. The soles of our plastic-made sneakers actually spread micro-plastics into the environment, compiling and later wounding up in the ocean. Fortunately, we can do something about it. 

Case in point: Eco-responsible footwear brand Yatay. The Milan-based label is teaming up with No More Plastic, a non-profit foundation dedicated to finding alternatives for single-use plastic. The collaboration invited four global ambassadors — Cindy Bruna, Amelia Windsor, Helena Christensen and Tunisian model Azza Slimene, to re-create a personalized version of Yatay’s iconic Irori sneaker. 


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“The ocean is our life source and it is endangered by plastic pollution. We have to stop this right now and create alternatives,” stated Azza Slimene. “Creating 100% plastic-free sneakers is much more than an innovation, it is a step towards a better future.”

If you’re persuing a vegan and sustainable lifestyle, this sneaker is for you. Handcrafted in Italy, they are made without any traditional plastic, rather with innovative bio-based materials such as wood, corn, rubber and bio-derived polyurethane (polymers extracted from cereals).

“When we buy or produce a product, it is imperative to think about the butterfly effect it will have on the future of humanity and the planet. We must do everything to reinvent a lifestyle without disposable plastic. It is by being responsible and informed consumers that we can create a future we can be proud of,” added Rosalie Mann, the founder of No More Plastic. 

“When your voice and actions are united with thousands or millions of others around the world, we create a movement that is inclusive, impactful and impossible to ignore. We are the solution. Join us and walk with us now. “

Yatay x No More Plastic will be available on with 50 percent of all proceeds donated to No More Plastic and one tree planted for every pair of sneakers bought.

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