Solange Knowles with blush highlights

2020 Beauty Trends That Are Going to Take Over Your IG

Excessively rosy cheeks and boys in makeup

Solange Knowles with blush highlights

2019 came with its fair-share of weird beauty trends that decidedly need to be left behind, amongst them, the too-perfect eyebrows made popular by Instagram influencers and ‘devil lips’. But they’re (thankfully) coming to an end, leaving us looking forward to what 2020 has in store.

By the looks of things, the upcoming year is leading us in a more natural and inclusive direction. The days of Kim Kardashian-esque heavy contour are over. Blush is no longer a subject of mystery for women of colour. And Chanel broke gender barriers by dropping a makeup range for men.

So as we head into the new year, we decided to predict the beauty trends set to take over your feed in 2020.

Blush in place of bronzer

Long gone are packed-on layers of bronzer, 2020 is all about rosy cheeks.

Men in makeup

Gender norms are shattering across the world—and with that we’ve seen a rise in men breaking down stereotypes.

Skin that looks like skin

With a full-blown movement that has seen a rise people owning their skin and all its flaws, the year will predictably see an end to caked-on foundation and towards lighter, more water-based products.

Dramatic 70s make up

Thanks in part to the extraordinary makeup showcased on HBO show ‘Euphoria’, dramatic makeup is back in the game.

Feathered eyebrows

The too-perfect IG eyebrow has come to an end. It’s all about brushed up, soft, natural brows in 2020.

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