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Bedouin Burger Teases New Album

Introducing your new favorite band!

There’s a lot that both Lebanese and Syrians can agree, and probably, disagree on. Creating a sense of unity, however, Bedouin Burger serves a unique style of music, and it’s something that everyone can agree on, whether it’s the aficionados, the poets or the stylists amongst us, the duo, now residing in Paris, have something in store for everyone.  

Made up of Syrian vocalist, composer and musician Lynn Adib, and Lebanese underground pioneer, music producer and instrumentalist Zeid Hamdan, Bedouin Burger come with an innovative musical sound inviting listeners to swing and sway to the sometimes soulful, often nomadic, jazzy and electronic beats of the Levant, topped by celestial sprinklings of Adib’s poetry.

The duo have been turning heads and ears since the release of eclectic singles like the minimalist electro-tarab Taht el Wared, or the electronically revived Andalusian inspired Ya Man Hawa, and more recently by their NPR Tiny Desk concert.

The new, currently untitled album promises to keep within the same vein, yet further diversifying their sonic content, and the stylistic value of the duo that fans have come to love.

Their upcoming 11 track album is being released one track at a time over a 12 month period, slowly unraveling a number of futuristic, electronic sounds, infused with classical Arab maqam elements, Levantine, Yemeni and folk rhythms, alongside ageless Arabic poetry.

The first release of their new album is entitled Dabke, bearing the namesake of the Shami dance, the video doesn’t disappoint. Featuring fans, the members and a full dance troupe performing, jamming, and even twerking along to their newest release.

The band are slowly but surely developing a cult following, both from the region and internationally. With only a handful of releases so far, they’re on the way to becoming your favorite band’s favorite band. 


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