Beirut & Beyond Goes on A Sonic Journey in Support of Lebanon

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Beirut & Beyond is ready to extend its already rich portfolio. The Lebanese organization is spotlighting some of Lebanon’s emerging talents in a major way. 

Committed to promoting the Arab World’s independent musical arena, their latest project, titled ‘Beirut 20/21’, was designed as a response to the critical and ongoing crises in Lebanon which continue to suffocate the country’s citizens through repeated life-damaging disasters.

The 20-track compilation features 20 of Beirut’s most talented and gifted artists and aims at encapsulating the Arab capital’s very eclectic and versatile musical landscape. 

Adding another notch to their belt, Beirut & Beyond is giving life and reviving the Lebanese creative scene under the careful supervision of the already acclaimed British-Iraqi musician, Khyam Allami. 

Initially premiered on Radio Al-Hara, the project personifies the country’s endeavours and challenges into music whilst also serving as a reminder of the hopeful yet chaotic situation caused by politics and pandemics.

Recorded over the past year, the project features artists such as Aya Metwalli, Bonne chose, Jad Aatoui or Samah Boulmouna to name just a few and mirrors again how the local scene can feed into the political one. 

Showcasing a wide variety of genres by stretching from electro all the way up to funk and more, the project is definitely the perfect way to kickstart the summer period in a musical and ethical manner. 

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