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Bella Hadid Has Taken Over Tiktok

The *real her*

It’s easy to find yourself having spent hours aimlessly scrolling through Tiktok. No matter which corner of the app you belong to (we’re mostly on Arab Tok, of course) you’re bound to dive all the way in. Mastering the art of the Tiktok, however, is not for the faint of hearts. For Bella Hadid, it seems to be a natural talent, though. 

The Palestinian model is the app’s latest star. You too might have found yourself in a Bella rabbit hole this week. Hadid, who is not a newcomer, but hardly posted in the past year, has shamelessly been giving a glimpse of here day-to-day life over the past few weeks on Tiktok.

@bella.k.hadidPrepping Grape Leaves ♥️ warak enab♥️ ♥️♬ original sound – Bella Hadid

Her first viral video? A look into an evening of her preparing grape leaves. “Prepping Grape Leaves ♥️ warak enab♥️ ♥️” she wrote as caption. The video garnered 3.4 million views. “MY PALESTINIAN QUEEN” commented one user. 

“Makes me so happy seeing someone famous who you share the same roots with, proudly share aspects of her life” wrote another. But the model didn’t just find an audience in those with Arab heritage, of course. 

When it comes to celebrities, no one seems to have mastered how to properly use the app like she has. In her two most viewed videos, at 11.5 and 15.6 million views, Bella takes on some of Tiktok’s most viral soundbites—and successfully participates in the trends. Both lightheartedly and in good fun, of course—which rests at the core of the app. 

@bella.k.hadidrandom girls doing random things living randomly cause we’re random ♬ original sound – ttkk4774

In another, Hadid took on user @blizzy_mcquire’s viral audio, as she mimics her words. “@blizzy_mcquire xx love you icon,” Bella wrote as caption, shouting out the originator of the soundbite. 

@bella.k.hadid @blizzy_mcguire ♬ original sound – ☆

And when she’s not sharing clips of her lunch breaks during shoots, she’s probably replying to comments from her 4.1 million followers. So, if you have yet to come across the supermodel on your feed, we suggest a follow immediately. 

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