Bella Hadid Speaks Out on Discrimination Against Muslim Women

A real (role) model

Is anyone using their platform better than Bella Hadid right now? The part-Palestinian supermodel is known for having been vocal about human rights issues for years and she has taken it to Instagram again to tackle Islamophobia and discrimination against Muslim women. 

In a short series of posts and stories, the 25-year-old model took aim, amongst other topics, at the recent rise of head coverings in global fashion in contrast to the multitude of negative experiences lived by veiled, and un-veiled, Muslim women across the globe.

“Although different forms of the hijab and head coverings are starting to make an appearance in fashion, let’s still remember the daily struggle, abuse, and discrimination Muslim women face on a regular basis because of their faith and what they stand for. To each woman’s body, stand their own opinion on what they should do with it. That is NO ONES decision except for theirs.” Hadid said in the caption of one post.

In an attempt to promote further tolerance and respect, the young runway star made her statement only a few days following the attack of Hoda Al-Jamaa, a 17-year-old high-school student from New Zealand. Al-Jamaa  was beaten by classmates while having her headscarf simultaneously ripped off. Dedicating an entire post to the heartbreaking incident, Bella claimed to have been made “angry” and “sick” about the distressing piece of news, also stressing the pressing need to “change this mindset of immediate judgment” at all cost.

Last year, the half-Palestinian half-Dutch model raised her voice against the outbreak of violence taking place in the West Bank and Gaza strip. Digitally at the front line of the struggle, Hadid’s recent activism has been lauded by fans and followers from all over the world for having unmuted such a grave matter.

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