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5 Brilliant Arab Films on Amazon Prime

Put Netflix aside for the day…

Where Do We Go Now

Netflix might rule the streaming game, but Amazon Prime is a strong contender. When it comes to accessibility to Arab films — Amazon wins.

From Nadine Labaki’s early works, to critically acclaimed indies, the streaming service is not short of typically hard-to-find films that most of us have been dying to watch. 

Missed out on your local screening of ‘For Sama’ earlier this year? Amazon has you covered. Alongside the must-watch documentary, we’ve rounded up our favourite films on the site. 


WajibThe Palestinian drama sees a father and his son travel to hand deliver invitations for his daughter’s wedding in Nazareth. The film is played by a real-life father and son and offers beautiful insight into daily life in their community. 

For Sama

For SamaThe critically-acclaimed documentary ‘For Sama’, directed by Waad Al-Kateab and Edward Watt is now on Amazon Prime. The powerful, devastating documentary was shot over the course of five years in Aleppo, documenting Al-Kataeb’s life. The film sees her fall in love, get married and give birth to Sama.


TheebIf you have yet to watch the award-winning 2014 film, Theeb, now is your chance. The film follows a young orphan who lives with his Bedouin tribe and his journey across the desert as his older brother escorts a British officer. 

Where Do We Go Now

Where Do We Go NowFor fans of Nadine Labaki, ‘Where Do We Go Now’ is a must-watch. The film takes place in a rural Lebanese village, where a group of women work to ease out tensions between Christians and Muslims. 


DjinnThe Arab world might not be most known for its horror films, but ‘Djinn’ is a good start. If you’re in the mood for thrilling suspense, watch this.

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