Style Your Home With These Contemporary Design Studios

From Tunisia to Lebanon


Redecorating one’s space can be quite the hype. You might spend hours excitedly scrolling down interior design IG accounts for inspiration. But when it comes to actually getting the work done, we all need a little help. 

From picking the right furniture and tapestry to coordinating the home accessories, decorating is as daunting as it is fun. But we have a way to speed things up for you. 

The region is not short of interior brands that do every style from minimalist bohemian to maximalist design. And they have everything you need from furniture to carpets and decorations. Excited to kickstart your home renovation? Here are five local interior brands to shop now.



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Etandart is the perfect translation of Tunisian heritage and craftsmanship through artisanal techniques and Mediterranean aesthetic. Their traditional wool ‘mergoums’ and carpets are made by artisans in the rural areas of North Tunisia. When in doubt about your tapestry choices, Etandart is your go-to brand.



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If you’re ready to embrace maximalism, Bokja is the way to go-to. The Beirut-based studio uses embroidery and textiles to create joyful chaotic prints, florals and more. Their patch-work sofas and armchairs will fill your room with colors.



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Lutum’s handmade ceramics embody minimal and Mediterranean aesthetic. Launched by Dubai-based Algerian ceramic artist Nessma Djouhri, the pieces’ original shapes, pastel colours and sensual illustrations will add a romantic touch to your home.

Studio Nada Debs

Helmed by Lebanese designer Nada Debs, the studio does everything from furniture and interior accessories to space design. Their experimental ‘Pebble’ seats and pastel-drenched ‘Carapace’ tables are incredibly instagrammable. 

Home and Soul

Home and Soul is every minimalist’s dream. Whether it’s their hand woven poufs and cushions or their earthy toned vases, the Dubai-based concept store uses natural and recycled materials to create sustainable and bohemian designs.

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