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Tune Into the Region’s Hottest Podcasts

To take you through your way back to work

Let’s face it. Even tailored playlists on digital streaming platforms can get quite redundant and repetitive. Especially considering the year we have all just been through, there hasn’t been that many opportunities to start rubbing shoulders side by side and dance our ways around town.

Podcasts have arguably been one of the main instruments of insight-sharing knowledge for the past few years, and that’s not slowing down any time soon. And there is one for everyone’s taste, all touching upon as many topics as you can imagine.

To start this week off, we’ve compiled five podcasts to get your engine started and reinvigorate our minds for the beginning of this new academic year.

Talk Of Shame

Incisive and insightful, Alya Mooro’s team rubs more than just a pinch of salt on a wound that many women still suffer from today. Delving into the wide, abstract and dogmatic idea of 3eib, which translates to shame in English, the topic is explored in a raw manner that many of us in the region can explicitly relate to.



With the same exact vim, 3eib podcast can be labelled as the Arabic language equivalent of the above-mentioned recommendation. Breaking through socially implied and imposed restrictions and barriers, the life experiences shared are very comforting in feeling less lonely through struggles too many of us can recognise.



Hosted by Michael Muhanna, founder of the eponymous organisation that aims at revisiting the region’s culture and history, the hour-long educational episodes record conversations and spark interest in understanding the Arab world through another lens. Promoting the area’s rich civilisation, you’ll always end up learning something new by the end of each digital conference.



Al-Jazeera’s latest podcast is a historical one that helps us brush up on our knowledge of the region. Giving voice to the Arab World’s most famous and infamous of characters, these theatrical episodes cast another light on personalities we’re so used to hearing of and not from.


Dom Tak

Brought to life by Sowt, Dom Tak is a Jordanian-based podcast that sheds light on influential female figures in the musical industry. Celebrating the region’s talents and icons, each chapter unfolds the entangled stories of women that are never given their due credit.

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