Winnie Harlow

Your Guide to Casual Dressing During Quarantine

Dressing down is the new dressing up

Winnie Harlow

Remember the quarantine meme that made fun of what women would look like post-isolation? It basically said that women would struggle to maintain their skin, hair and nail standards with beauty salons closed.

Some might have found it funny, but this meme is proof that the pressure for women to constantly look perfect—even during a pandemic—is very real and very unfair. But if Instagram is anything to go by, many of us are using quarantine to stick a middle finger up to the sexist bias that is embedded in our societies.

Personally, I’m ditching bras, blow dryers, and makeup and spending my days in pyjamas, yoga pants, sweatpants and hoodies—altogether I’m just going for comfortable, fuss-free loungewear. And I’m not alone. According to WWD, Net-a-Porter experienced a 40 per cent rise in loungewear sales during the first week of the Covid-19 lockdown.

For once, it seems like women no longer need to keep up with the expectation of “having it all”. Instead of striving to be the best, we’re just being the women we want to be. And in the quarantine era, she’s casual and au naturel. 

In search of style inspiration to master the combination of comfortable and cute? We round up the best casual IG outfits of the month. Here’s your guide to casual dressing (and letting go) during quarantine.

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