Adut Akech face mask

Adut Akech Reveals the DIY Face Mask She Swears By

Get ultra-dewy skin this week

Adut Akech face mask

Whether we’re feeling sad, anxious, triggered, bored (or even feeling multiple and ambivalent emotions at the same time), it’s safe to say quarantine ain’t easy. But if there’s one thing quarantine gave us which we were in desperate need of, it’s time.

That time consuming hair oiling routine you’ve been postponing for ages? The Netflix show you’ve been trying to binge? The articles you bookmarked but never read? You finally have plenty of space for some well deserved “me time”.

But more me time doesn’t mean you should indulge in full-beat makeup and fussy routines. Now is your chance to do proper self-care. And it turns out it’s within easy reach. According to supermodel Adut Akech’s IG post, the secret to perfect glowy skin is in the kitchen.

All you need to do is blend turmeric, honey, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar—and let the magic happen.

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