Charlize Theron with her tapered bowl haircut

5 Hair Trends You’ll Be Seeing This Year

Yes, bowl cuts are making a comeback

Charlize Theron with her tapered bowl haircut

As our new year’s resolutions start fading into the same dark abyss as the previous years’ live, there’s one change you can make that’ll give you a clean break from the horrors of 2019: a haircut. 

And as the spirit of 2020 dictates, hair trends for the upcoming months are pretty radical (which is pretty fitting, considering all the dead weight that 2019 has left us with). 

To put it simply: short hair is in. So it might be time to say goodbye to your long locks. And if your hair is already somewhere in between – get ready to embrace the ugly. 

We might have made fun of the mullets of the 70s, but with our cyclical approach to literally everything, a new iteration is now being embraced. Remember the bowl cuts that took us years to undo? They’re making a comeback too. 

If you’re wondering what else the upcoming year has in store, this is what you can expect.


The Finger Wave Pixie

60s Fringe

Textured Mullet

Tapered Bowl Cut

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