5 Lebanese Photographers to Follow On Instagram

The groundbreaking creatives re-defining the Lebanese experience


In the last few weeks, triggered by a devastating explosion, the majority of the world has bore witness to the tragic injustices and astronomical levels of corruption that Lebanon has been subjected to in recent years. 

Still working away in the shadows in a bid to recover both psychologically and economically from the blast, the resilience of the Lebanese people has never been overlooked within the region. 

With the nation’s creatives amongst those most severely impacted—namely due to the geographical location of their studios and the blast—a number of photo sales, screenings, t-shirt sales and donations have been made from fellow photographers and designers across the world and region, in a bid to support the once-thriving scene. 

But outside of signing petitions and buying products that donate a portion of the sales back to Lebanese creatives, you might be wondering how else you can support the relief effort? Well, it may seem trivial but even your Instagram can help. 

By following Lebanese photogaphers and amplifying their work by reposting it to your audience and promoting the incredible visual arts coming out of the now-devastated nation – you could be helping them land their next big job. Let’s not downplay the importance of a good ‘follow’ on the ‘gram. 

Here are six Lebanese photographers you should follow on Instagram. 

Myriam Boulos

Mohamad Abdouni

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@helou_lea @niili_official 🔥

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Hussein Baydoun

Marwan Tahtah

Dalia Khamissy

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July 12 marks the 13th anniversary of the 34-days Israeli aggression on #Lebanon_ after Hezbollah's militants captured two Israeli soldiers on the border_ during which most of Lebanon's south and #Beirut's suburbs were heavily bombed and flatenned, over 1100 people were killed, 4000 people injured and a million displaced. During the last 72 hours of the offensive, Israeli forces dropped over a million #clusterbombs on Lebanon's south. Years later, people are still falling victims of those small bomblets. (photo 2016) Hassan Bzeih, 13, shows the scar on his body in his room in Zebqine, south of Lebanon. On March 27, 2015, Hassan and his twin brother Nabih, were severely injured when a teenager found a cluster bomblet on the floor, picked it up, played with it and then dropped it thinking it was already exploded. Their plan for a picnic day in the blossoming nature, turned suddenly into a bloody one. When the medics rushed to the scene, Nabih, who saw his twin brother lying on the floor, severely injured and not moving, asked them to save Hassan first. He did the same when they came back to carry him for the second time and asked them to take his cousin away before him. When I met him, Hassan listened to his father telling the story, most probably over a hundred time, without saying a word! At the hospital, Hassan was declared dead, with shrepnels in his head, guts, etc. his father said. "They covered my face" Hassan's first sentence was. A medic felt there is still pulse and life running through the little body and decided not to give up on that beautiful boy. He tried hard to reanimate Hassan! In one year and 3 months Hassan came a long way from a near death experience to having his left side all paralysed, not speaking, not being able to eat, losing parts of his guts. He is 90% fine now and still going through rehab. (deleted the photo by mistake! 😭 reposting)

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