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This Season’s Best Men’s Fleece Jackets

From Alyx to Adidas

Growing up, you might have associated fleece jackets with hikers and IT support workers.  But in recent years, they have become a signature winter wardrobe staple. And thanks to the huge and rapid rise of practicality in fashion, with brands finally embracing a utilitarian aesthetic (where usefulness and authenticity come first) it almost seems like the more functional an item is, the cooler it is.


So if you want to simultaneously look and feel uber-comfortable this season, swap your hoodie for a fleece jacket.


ADIDAS EQT Polar Logo Embroidered Fleece Jacket

Ever dreamed of wearing sporty jumpers wherever you want?


590 AED / 158 USD


Snow Peak Wool-Blend Fleece Jackets

This is how to cozify your style, while staying chic.



AED 1,85 / USD 350


And Wander High Loft Polar-Fleece Jacket

This is the perfect vanilla bean jacket to keep you warm.


AED 1,585 / USD 432



GCDS Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt



If you’re into comfy oversized dressing, this is what you need.


AED 2,611 / USD 711


1017 Alyx 9sm Polar Zip Up Fleece


For a bolder look, go for this military print.


AED 7,372 / USD 2,007

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