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The Best Of The Region’s Airbnb

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Summer is here again, and we would hope that you’re looking forward to having some time to realign your chakras and do some traveling. If you’re anything like us, you leave things until the last possible minute before settling your inner-wanderlust.  

That’s why we’ve done a quick round up of the region’s hidden Airbnb gems, so you don’t have to! 

Kaçkarin Mountains, Turkey

turkey airbnb

Searching for the tranquil vacation of your dreams? Think about escaping to the mountainous regions of Kaçkarin! Dag Evi is the perfect place for a small family or a group of friends to spend time together in the midst of what nature has to offer. This secluded cabin offers the chance to leave the city and reconnect with the never-ending landscapes around Dag Evi, where you’ll find a mountain range that rises above the Black Sea coast in northeastern Turkey. 

Crescent of the Palm of Jumeriah, UAE

aribnb dubai

Situated on the Crescent of the Palm of Jumeriah, this 5 en suite-bedroom Villa invites guests to live in paradise with private gardens, a private pool, and private beach with the Crescent’s crystal clear waters. As the island presents itself as a remarkable feat of engineering, the area is home to lavish villas, beachfront homes, and hotels to grant visitors a luxurious vacation experience. Offering plenty of living rooms, dens, and terraces to entertain your invitees, this property is minutes away from high-end restaurants and local excursions to explore. 

Medina, Morocco (Marrakesh)

airbnb maroc

This traditional Riad will leave you bragging to all your friends about the opulence of this 7-bedroom property located in the city of Old Town Medina. With a full restaurant service included with the AirBnb, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live like royalty with the Riad allowing for up to 15 visitors to stay and access a private Hammam Spa, rooftop terraces, and swimming pool. Only a short walk away from the central square of Jemaa El Fna, explore the treasures of Marrakesh and journey the souq’s narrow street markets for a true Medina experience. You won’t want to leave after stepping into the premises!

Beirut, Lebanon

airbnb beirut

The stunning spacious loft space is perfect for party goers and throwers. With 3 bedrooms and panoramic views of the sea and the city, there’s no doubt as to why it’s on our list. The space itself is very bare-bones which fits the aesthetic of the vibe, for example the apartment doesn’t offer an oven, but when you think about the scores of restaurants in the surrounding area, it’s more than functional. 


Tunis Village, Faiyum, Egypt

airbnb egypt

This beautiful house is perfect for those who are looking to unwind away from the hustle and bust of city life. The 4 bedroom standalone is nestled in Tunis Village within walking distance from the property you will find everything from pottery workshops, a Caricature museum to even a horse-riding stable. 

The beauty of the property really speaks for itself. A rooftop overlooking a lake, balcony, garden, terrace and a backyard! On top of this the building is constructed from organic materials adding to the rustic homely feel of this Airbnb.

Karouba, Oran, Algeria

algeria airbnb

This is the ideal place to kick it with your friends, engulf yourself in Oran’s endless mountains, and expose yourself to the serenity of staying at an Algerian farm. Equipped with a massive garden, terrace, sauna, and swimming pool, you can immerse yourself in the rural lifestyle while keeping it bougie. This 10-person chalet is a secluded property in the regions of Karouba, so it’s perfect for intimate get togethers and small events! Get some peace and quiet in the alluring landscapes, spend your days relaxing in the farm’s jacuzzi, and invite your pals for a countrycore experience!

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