Versace F/W19 leopard print hair

The Best Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2020

Inspired by Anwar Hadid, Timothée Chalamet and more

Versace F/W19 leopard print hair

As we settle into the new decade, now is the time to start thinking about a hair do-over. It doesn’t necessarily have to be radical—but whether you go for a leopard print buzzcut, androgynous long locks or a wavy fade, the only rule for 2020 men’s hairstyle trends is that it can’t be boring.  

Looking to bring new meaning to your life? Take a new risk. These are the best men’s hairstyles to inspire you in 2020.

The Wavy Fade

Anwar Hadid wavy hair
If your hair is naturally wavy but thin, a fade is the ideal hairstyle to make it look fuller, more textured and defined. We also recommend dyeing it for perfect year-round dirty beach hair.

The Leopard Print Look

Versace F/W19 leopard print hairWho said you need a canvas to create art? First spotted on Tyler the Creator, leopard print hair made it to Versace’s F/W19 runway. Go for the colourful rainbow iteration if you’re feeling really extra.

The “I Haven’t Touched My Hair” Hair

Timothée Chalamet messy hairLet your hair grow for an intentionally messy cut à la Timothée Chalamet.

The Pastel-Dyed Grunge Hair

Pastel-Dyed Grunge Hair runway look2019’s pastel hair is here to stay. But it’s time to rethink it. Let it grow for an undone look with some cute but anti-establishment flair.

The Sculptured Fringe

Sculptured Fringe Thom Browne runwayGel is here to stay in 2020. But now, we’re going artful and experimental. Force yourself out of your comfort zone and sculpt you hair into waves.

The High-Top Fade

High-Top Fade hairstyle runway lookWho said the ultra-groomed high fade is over? The ultimate adaptable hairstyle, ideal for those who can’t decide if they’re feeling sleek and sophisticated or cool and edgy.

The Long Androgynous Hair

Long Androgynous Hairstyle Celine runwayTired of toxic masculinity? Say hello to long, androgynous haircuts. Think bourgeois but with a carefree attitude.

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