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Men’s Micro Bags Are the Trend to Try This Summer

Could they help cure the millenial burnout?

Dior men

Micro bags have become a staple for every woman over the past few seasons. First spotted on Jacquemus and Brunello Cucinelli’s S/S18 runways, the trend quickly saturated catwalks from Louis Vuitton and Gucci to Tod’s and Jil Sander – to name just a few. But in 2020, tiny bags are becoming the ultimate coveted accessory for men too. 

I know what some of you are thinking, “but what do you actually keep in them?!”. And I have had the same passing thoughts too. I get it. 

If you’re balancing an overwhelming amount of things between your long working hours, trying to cram in your social time, chances are your bag carries your entire life in it. Laptop, notebook, tupperware, makeup, hand sanitizer, headphones, flask, chewing gum and more. So it’s pretty reasonable to wonder whether minuscule bags are even practical for normal people.

Dior menAlthough millennials are often called entitled and self-obsessed, the reality is that, as a viral Buzzfeed article declared last year, we’re the “Burnout Generation”— a generation that says yes to every freelance opportunity and shows off our side hustle gigs on Instagram, all while blurring work-life boundaries and struggling to pay rent. And in patriarchal societies that pressure men to be in charge of the family and mask vulnerabilities, men are more likely to suffer in silence too.

So as stress and exhaustion overwhelm us all, maybe tiny bags are what we’ve all been waiting for. Could this be our chance to live a more optimised (and lazier) life?

Jacquemus menswearIt’s time we ditch our stuffy, oversized bags and unnecessary junk, and say hello to the first day of the rest of our minimalist lives. If it can’t fit in this tiny bag – you don’t need it. And no, you shouldn’t need to take your laptop to dinner with you. 

These are this season’s best tiny bags for men.

Loewe Heel Mini Leather Pouch

Loewe Heel Mini Leather Pouch232 USD / 850 AED

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Weave Multi-Functional Case

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Weave Multi-Functional Case
762 USD / 2800 AED

Jacquemus Le Gadjo Lanyard Wallet

Jacquemus Le Gadjo Lanyard Wallet406 USD / 1492 AED

Balenciaga Shopping Phone Holder Bag

Balenciaga Shopping Phone Holder Bag816 USD / 2995 AED

Saint Laurent Brad Pouch

Saint Laurent Brad Pouch1007 USD / 3700 AED

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