Crip Camp

The Best Netflix Documentaries to Watch During Ramadan

The binge you won’t regret

Crip Camp

Although the Holy month of Ramadan usually consists of family time and taraweeh, it’s first and foremost a month of reflection and charity. The pace of life usually slows down, with observing Muslims embracing spirituality in a bid to find more meaning in life.

With Coronavirus, Ramadan’s core principles seem even more fundamental. So if you’re ready to use this month as a means of total detox and reflection, here’s a list of the best documentaries on Netflix to unleash the activist in you.

Tell Me Who I Am

Tell Me Who I AmThis moving documentary tells the story of Alex, who lost his memory in a motorcycle accident in his late teens and only recognizes and remembers his twin brother Marcus—the one person who will reconstruct the past for him.

Knock Down The House

Knock Down The HouseWe all want to believe that the impossible is possible— and that’s what this hopeful film teaches. Documenting the journey of Alexandra Ocasio Ortez and three other insurgents during the 2018 primary campaigns in the USA, “Knock Down The House” is a reminder that grassroots radical, feminist revolutions are possible. 

Strong Island

Strong IslandThis brilliant documentary explores the murder of director Yance Ford’s brother and most importantly, how his family dealt with it—all while powerfully raising questions about  race and the US justice system.

Crip Camp

Crip CampThis beautiful documentary produced by the Obamas looks back on the story of a group of disabled youth in a hippy summer camp near Woodstock in the 70’s, who stepped up to fight for their rights and influenced a generation of activists.

The Edge of Democracy

The Edge of DemocracyThis Oscar-nominated documentary takes us back to the impeachment of Brazil’s former president Dilma Rousseff and the Car Wash corruption scandal, exploring how Brazil’s iconic Left-wing leaders progressively betrayed the values that brought them to power, giving space to Bolsanoro’s anti-liberal authoritarian politics—all narrated with sincere emotion in the first person.

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