North African Rap Tracks You Need to Listen To

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From Tunis to Casablanca, rap is becoming the sound of the Maghreb.

Despite the lack of music industry infrastructure, thanks to platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube, a new generation of talent has found new ways to showcase their work. Rappers have now become cultural icons. They’ve created a new scene that’s entirely of their own, despite the obvious obstacles along the way.

Just take Issam as example, the Moroccan rapper paved a lane of his own, going on to score the biggest deal an Arab rapper has signed to-date. And he’s just one example. If things go as expected, we’ll be seeing plenty more make their way to the mainstream.  

To help you get familiar, these are the North African rap songs you need to add to your playlist. 

Tawsen – Safe Salina

Alfa – Khatwa

Marwan Pablo x Molotof – Free

Shobee – Ciel

Abyusif ft. Abo El Anwar – Basha E3temed


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