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Travelling Solo is 2020’s Biggest Trend

The five best places to visit by yourself this year

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Looking to have some proper “me time” in 2020? Look no further. Travelling solo is the answer. 

At a time when we feel chemically attached to our phones every minute of the day, learning to hit the pause button can seem like a massive reach. There’s constant pressure to work more, know more, go out more, consume more and just quite literally, do everything more. But in we the quest for continual “doing”, we wind up left with an overwhelming feeling of emptiness..

2020 is the decade for us to live our lives without compromises. And the best way to do that is by learning how to live alone, and enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong though—that doesn’t mean isolating yourself and feeling lonely, punished or selfish. It means rewarding yourself with blissful, empowering moments of deserved solitude.

Solo travelling made up around 18 per cent of global bookings and a third of Gen Z declared that they preferred to travell solo. So if you’re looking to find the best holiday destinations to go to alone, look no further. These are the best getaways for solo travelling.  


Located just 50 miles south of Sicily, Malta (where people speak a dialect influenced by Italian and Tunisian), is a tiny Mediterranean island mostly untouched by tourists. It’s the perfect place for people who want to unwind (but are also willing to explore history, culture and architecture). If you’re looking raw, authentically Mediterranean vibes, look no further.


Tokyo by night
Some might think that the hustle and bustle of Tokyo could feel odd if you’re alone. But it’s so action-packed that you end up absorbed in the crowd, and the anonymity actually feels super liberating. There’s so much to do, be prepared to have your head spin à la ‘Lost in Translation’.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro
Also known as “The Marvellous City”, Rio de Janeiro has it all. From sandy beaches, eye-watering nature, delicious cocktails, vibrant music, and incredible food: Rio is a bohemian hideaway that never gets old and inspires every type of traveller.


Dakar red walls
Probably the region’s safest city, Dakar is a place of exhilarating contrast. Mind-blowing beaches, mouth-watering spicy seafood, magical markets, world-class galleries and great live music, Dakar is a gem. And it’s even better if you’re into surfing. 

New Orleans

New Orleans streets
Easily one of the most welcoming cities in the world, New Orleans is the embodiment of joie de vivre. It is the ultimate place to binge on the bounty of fresh seafood and drinks. Not to mention the vibrant jazz scene. Every corner is filled with lively dive bars – this is the ultimate destination for pleasure seekers.

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