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Five Dubai Restaurants That Are Perfect For Iftar

Delicious restaurants worth leaving the house for

If Ramadan is all about sharing, breaking the fast is all about delicious food. Whilst we’re all used to our mums being stuck in the kitchen for hours on end, preparing a three (or in some cases six) course meal – no-one really considers leaving the house and giving mum a break. In Dubai, there are plenty of fantastic restaurants with excellent menus for iftar that won’t disappoint.

MILLE selected five of the coolest restaurants for breaking the fast that are worth leaving the house for.

Dubai Opera


Every year during Ramadan, Dubai Opera becomes the perfect iftar experience. This year, chef Sean Connely will be curating the menu. You’ll get to enjoy live Arabic music in an opulent setting.


Al Fanous Lounge


If you are looking for a modern day version of Arabian Nights, Al Fanous won’t disappoint. Not only will you get to indulge in the ultimate fine dining experience but you can also stick around until 3am for suhoor.




Dusty’s is the Middle-Eastern culinary experience you can’t miss. It’s a super-chill, casual restaurant in the DIFC where you can avoid the ‘Ramadanesque’ vibes if that’s not your thing.


Alserkal Avenue


Don’t miss Ramadan in this experimental space. There are plenty of activities and some pop-up restaurants that will open just for iftar. Be sure to book a seat at the Open Tent by Chi-Ca, the chef specially created an entire fusion menu merging Middle-Eastern and Japanese food.



Inked is an immersive space that’s dedicated to creative food experiences that will blow your mind. This isn’t your usual drop-in restaurant, it’s essentially a private dining space located within a sprawling warehouse. Invite your friends and family and uncover a culinary experience like no other.

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