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Best Tiktok Trends of 2020

Your year in memes

2020 absolutely sucked, but at least we had Tiktok. Initially intended to be a teen choreography app, the app grown to be one of the world’s biggest platforms. It was the year’s second most-downloaded app, and even scored its own reality TV show.

It only makes sense. This year, the whole world was hungry for some kind of escapism, and Tiktok provided exactly that and more. From bread-making and choreographed dances to full-fledged concerts, there’s a little bit of everything on Tiktok.

As the year comes to a close, we rounded up 2020’s most popular trends.

Roller Skating

@anaocto@itsray.2 con un poquito de @_javierittaaa #goskate♬ WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B

Yes, your 80s dream are coming true. Thanks to Tiktok, roller skating is making a serious comeback.


@imthatlaurenWhen you meet the queen and you mess up @charlidamelio♬ Lottery – K CAMP

We all remember this one.

The #PatienceChallenge

@kyliejenner ⛈ snack challenge.♬ original sound – Kylie Jenner

What started as a Halloween trend, grew far beyond it. Parents leave candy on a table and ask their kids to wait to eat it until they came back. Because what’s cuter than seeing kids’ internal debates?

Parents imitating their kids

@champagneshantyMy dad being me for a day♬ original sound – Laur

Want to hear the harsh truth about your daily habits? Just one of your parents impersonate you, and film it of course. The trend saw its beginnings months ago, because Gen Z-ers weren’t self-deprecating enough.

Bored in a House

@curtisroachYou ever be bored at the house bored? #checkthisout #bored #fyp #foryou #xycba #rap #viral♬ BORED IN THE HOUSE – Curtis Roach

The actual anthem of lockdown.

When the Kardashians took over

@kyliejennerthis was fun lol♬ original sound – Kylie Jenner

Intimidating is an understatement.

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