These Are the Best Apps to Workout at Home

Staying fit shouldn’t be pushed aside during quarantine

Who else started the year chained to their gym membership, but is now struggling to stick to any kind of at-home exercise? Yeah, me too.

We’re going through an unprecedented stressful time, and this can stir up feelings of inertia and helplessness. But it’s important that we continue taking care of ourselves, and try to enjoy life as much as we can. 

And if you used to complain because work and lack of time used to stand in the way, now is the time to seize the moment to make fitness a regular part of your daily life.

From 60-minute yoga classes to super-quick 15-minute ab workouts, the options are plentiful. These are the best workout apps to use at home.


Who said a workout has to take a long time? Combining personalized workouts with nutritional advice, 8fit proposes short sessions, ideal for those who want to be done fast.

Yoga Down Dog: Great Yoga Everywhere

Yoga poses and breathing practices, this app goes through it all. And it’s perfect for newbies looking to chill out. Coaches go through each flow step by step just like they would IRL.


If you’re into fitness, Kayla Itsines is probably a familiar name. Well, the workout guru has her very own app: Sweat. Every week, the sessions get a bit harder so you start building muscle quickly.

The Be.come Project

Looking for workouts that will make you love yourself? Look no further. The self-love advocate and fitness influencer Bethany C. Meyers curates new routines every week, which come with uplifting messages. 


Kineticoach offers workouts according to your mood. From “feeling stressed & tired” to “feeling great, bring it on!” there are more than 600 workouts on the app. Choose as you feel.

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