Bilal El Kadhi’s Ode to Tunisia is the Escapism We Need

Take a dreamy trip through Djerba with Pièces Uniques

Founded by 25-year-old Parisian Edmond Luu (who also serves as art director of Dior Parfums), fashion brand Pièces Uniques has garnered media attention over the past couple of years for its appreciation of Japanese-inspired minimalism and fluid tailoring in soft and pastel hues.

With a strong focus on the people themselves, Luu’s clothes are never limited by gender. Sticking to honest design values and remaining close to his chosen family (Luu has worked with the same squad of creatives since day one), the young designer decided to shoot his SS/20 campaign in Djerba—his best friend, photographer and director Bilal El Kadhi’s native town.

Entitled “Colours of Emotions”, the collection is inspired by Plutchik’s wheel of emotions, where each colour translates an emotion: blue for sadness, red for anger, green for confidence and yellow for joy. Through his emotionally charged visuals, El Kadhi takes us on a short (but much-needed) dreamy journey around Djerba.

Obsessed with SoCal aesthetics since his late teens, El Kadhi developed a distinctive eye for light and composition, creating a tangible dreamlike feel. The campaign not only serves as an escape for us, but also for El Kadhi himself. 

Using his work as a space to explore his own personal memories of identity, home and familiarity, his film offers a tender and poetic look into Tunisia. But it also reveals more than expected, something that is often obscured—how Tunisia is a country where beauty and sorrow collide.

Watch the film below:

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