Bin Baz Breitling

Watch Bin Baz Travel Through Time with Breitling

The Emirati social media star takes on the Superocean Heritage ’57 watch

Bin Baz Breitling

Under lockdown, the romance of nostalgia has been reignited. With strict stay-at-home orders, we’ve collectively abandoned FOMO (the fear of missing out) in favour of more simple, wholesome pastimes. 

In a similar vein, Breitling joins MILLE in celebrating the the Superocean Heritage ’57 – a watch that pays tribute to the 1957 SuperOcean, which originally debuted in 1957. Nostalgia-inspired, this capsule collection is perfect for those who prefer a laid-back way of living, imbued with 1960’s surfer style. 

Bin Baz Breitling Bin Baz BreitlingShot by rising Yemeni creative Lughass, the video features Emirati social media sensation @BinBaz, who has accumulated over 5.2 million followers with his hilarious comedy sketches. “I started making videos in 2013, at a time when I was feeling down”, says the 27-year-old comedian before adding, “I realised making people smile could be the solution”. 

And in the current climate, he regards humour as the best coping mechanism. “Humour grounds you and stops you from overthinking and living only in your fears,” he says, “To me, laughter is the best medicine”.

Bin Baz BreitlingBin Baz BreitlingIf quarantine has put your summer on hold, this sun-infused Breitling x MILLE comedy sketch with Bin Baz, who travels through time, will provide you with a much-needed smile during this trying time.

The Breitling Superocean ’57 is now available across the Middle East here.

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