Black Eyed Peas Set to Perform for the First Time in Cairo

Is there really a better location to perform at than the pyramids

The mighty pyramids of Giza will be more than just a world wonder next month. There, the Grammy-winning Black Eyed Peas will be taking the stage for an epic concert. 

Set to take place on October 2, the concert will mark the band’s first time performing in Egypt—and with the pyramids as the backdrop, it’s the event of the season.

It is not the first time the pharaonic sculptures have had artists perform on its beautiful plateau, Louis Armstrong in 1961, Frank Sinatra in 1979 or even Mariah Carey more recently in 2010 have all performed in front of the spectacular landmark. 

For their very anticipated first in Cairo, the band is set to take a trip down memory lane and play their timeless classics.  The foursome collective, aside from Fergie who’s already embarked on her own solo career since 2017, will all be present at the show, including newest addition, J Rey Soul, who has become a permanent member of the band since 2020.

The event was commissioned by Venture Lifestyle, the same firm that had previously booked Jennifer Lopez for a sold-out concert back in 2019. Egyptian fans did not shy away from showing their excitement online, many of which could not hide their enthusiasm at the idea of singing along some of the early 2000’s all-time bangers.

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