BLM protest, Brooklyn Museum

10 Things That Have Happened Since BLM Protests Started

Proof that activism brings about change — fast

BLM protest, Brooklyn Museum

Protestors from all over the world have been taking to the streets in the wake of George Floyd’s murder for the last three weeks. Since May 25, demonstrations have taken place in all 50 American states as well as 13 different countries – including Palestine and Syria

Despite a few violent turns and several people questioning the very purpose of the protests, they’re now three weeks in and still going strong. Yesterday a crowd of 15,000 people gathered in Brooklyn for Black trans lives. 

Berlin drew a 20,000-strong crowd and thousands flocked to Parisian streets this past weekend to march in memory of Adama Traoré, a young black French man who was killed whilst in police custody in 2016. In London, anti-racist BLM protestors peacefully took to the streets as well. 

Although the protests may have led to the arrests of all four policemen who murdered George Floyd, activists are still fighting for the arrests of the police officers who killed Breonna Taylor and demanding the defunding of police forces. 

To see some of the results of three weeks of protesting, look no further. 

The Grammys finally dropped its ‘urban’ category

The Oscars have committed to a new list of diversity measures

Statues of colonisers and slave owners are being removed all over the world

V Magazine staff call out racism and homophobia of editor-in-chief Stephen Gan

Sephora signed a 15 per cent pledge to carry black-owned brands

Bon Appétit’s editor-in-chief resigned

Glossier commited 1 million USD to battling racism

L’Oreal and Starbucks become the poster brands of performative activism

Vogue US was called out for racism by former employees

Black and non-black Arab activists opened conversations about racism in the Middle East and North Africa

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