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15 Black-Owned Businesses in the UAE to Support Now and Forever

Shop with intention

With migrants making up 80 per cent of the population, the UAE is one of the most diverse nations in the world. The UAE is also home to a sizable black population (many Emiratis are of African ancestry) that are unfortunately often confronted with anti-black sentiments. 

In light of the protests that have shook communities across the globe in recent week, following the murder of George Floyd in May, a long-overdue dialogue about racism in the Arab world has finally been opened. 

As a region, we’re only just starting to unpack the racism in our communities, but along with signing petitions and vocally standing up as an ally – there is another way in which we can be actively anti-racist and show solidarity with our black communities: by choosing where we shop carefully. 

Now is the time to shift our attention to empowering our local communities and buy from the many black-owned businesses in and round the UAE. These are the businesses you should be supporting. 

Restaurants and Cafes

Catfish – Dubai

The Gbemi’s Kitchen

Boon Coffee – Dubai

Kiza – Dubai

West to West Kitchen – Abu Dhabi

Hair and Beauty

Fade and Play Barbershop – Dubai

Braids Ladies Salon – Abu Dhabi

Scintillia Skincare – Abu Dhabi

Beauty by Promise – Dubai


Afro Fit -Dubai

Yoga Enchantress – Dubai

Melo and Chill

Content Creators

Fatma Al Bakry

Dukkan Studio

Shukriya Mohamed

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