Black Panther Set to Be First Movie Screened in Saudi Arabia


For the first time in 35 years, Saudi Arabia is set to open its first movie theatre later this month. And just yesterday, the kingdom announced that box office hit Black Panther will be the first film shown in Riyadh’s very own AMC theatre.


The cinema will be located in the King Abdullah Financial District, and in Saudi Arabian style, the swanky building will boast 500 leather seats, full orchestra and balcony levels—and not to mention, marble bathrooms.


“It’s going to be the prettiest movie theatre in the world” said AMC CEO Adam Aron in an interview.


Unlike most public spaces in Saudi Arabia, cinemas will not be segregated by gender, which is an astounding move by the conservative Muslim nation


The move is part of recent social and economic reforms set in motion by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, the kingdom’s de facto leader. The plan is for the nation to set up a total of 350 cinemas by 2030, with 2,500 screens—all in an effort to boost local economies.


The cinema is set to open April 18th.

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