Boiler Room Beirut t-shirt

Boiler Room and Studio Safar Drop T-Shirt for Beirut

All proceeds will go towards rebuilding the city’s music industry

Boiler Room Beirut t-shirt

Boiler Room has always used their mammoth platform to amplify what is happening across the world – and the Middle East is no exception. 

Two years after they placed Palestinian artists like Sama and Al Nather in the spotlight in their critically-acclaimed documentary, and released a t-shirt in support of Palestine (designed by Ramallah-based sound artist and designer Mukta-feen), Boiler Room announced a new collaboration: with Beirut-based design agency Studio Safar. 

“Today marks 40 days since the explosion in Beirut, causing at least 181 deaths, 6,000 injuries, 10–15billion USD in property damage, and leaving an estimated 300,000 people homeless. The situation intensified this week as a new fire tore through the city’s port”, declared both collectives in an announcement post on September 13. 

With a collaborative t-shirt now for sale, proceeds will go to the Beirut Musicians’ Fund, which will help local artists repair music gear, instruments and equipment that was destroyed in the blast.

While a myriad of relief funds and initiatives have been launched to support the art, fashion and culture communities, this is the first fund solely dedicated to helping musicians.

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