Boiler Room Broadcast Live From Palestine’s Underground

The place to discover Ramallah’s best DJ’s and artists

Despite the hardship of living in a war-torn nation, Palestinian youth have found a way to create a sense of normalcy in a burgeoning music scene—and this week, the underground scene was put under the spotlight as Boiler Room hosted their first ever Palestinian show, in the heart of Ramallah.


The move to take their live-stream sessions to Palestine comes as no surprise as the music platform has spent the last few months fundraising for Palestinian charities in London.


For the party, Boiler Room brought together key Palestinian talent, from Muqata’a (Ramallah’s ‘God father of hip-hop’) to the DIY music and art collective Jazar Krew and Palestine’s first female techno DJ (and MILLE favourite) SAMA. The all-star line-up also included DJ ODDZ, singer and beatmaker Makimakkuk, rappers Dakn, Julmud, and Al Nather. 

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