Boiler Room Drop a New Limited Edition Palestine T-Shirt

And all the proceeds go to a Palestinian charity

It’s no secret that over the last year Boiler Room has been paying particular attention to the thriving music scene in Palestine and the occupied territories.

Last September, the live-streaming platform made its Palestinian debut, hosting a show that showcased the nation’s best DJs, from the nation’s first female DJ (and MILLE favourite) Sama to DIY art and music collective Jazar Crew and Muqata’a (also known as the godfather of Palestinian hip hop).

Ramallah’s thriving underground music scene was then supported even further with the release of Boiler Room’s documentary just a month later. Entitled Palestine Underground, the 27-minute film gives an insightful look into the hardships the artists face living in both Occupied Palestine and the West Bank.

And today, the London-based music platform is extending yet another helping hand by releasing an exclusive ‘Palestine Underground’ t-shirt, with all the proceeds benefiting Al Kamandjati, a local Palestinian NGO focused on music education.

“Al Kamandjati exists to make music accessible to the entire Palestinian community and teach music to Palestinian children, especially those in marginalized areas, and strengthen their appreciation of Palestinian culture and identity”, reads their website.

The t-shirt, which was designed by the Ramallah-based sound artist and designer Mukta-feen, is now available for sale online.

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