boiler room online film festival

Boiler Room’s Online Film Festival is Coming

Hidden gems you won’t find on Netflix

boiler room online film festival

Yoga Zoom classes, Instagram live stream parties, IGTV cooking tutorials—if there’s one positive thing about quarantine, it’s that we’ve all found new, kind and exciting ways to be “alone together” on the Internet. 

Boiler Room is now making life under lockdown even more enjoyable. The music-broadcasting platform just announced it is hosting an online film festival, from April 16 until May 18.

4:3 Online Film Festival will live broadcast 13 films in total. From the heart of Sicily’s mafia to Congo’s rumba scene, each film will “take you to places you’ve never seen before”. 

The line-up includes a film about the solitary existence of Soundcloud rappers, a documentary about China’s production and consumption landscape and a Phil Collins-directed anime about a world where carbon-based energy is outlawed. 

While most films are one-offs, some will be available for playbacks for a couple of days after their initial release. 

If you were looking for hidden gems to stream, you now have your answer. Find the full program below.

boiler room online film festival

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