Boiler Room Tunisia

Boiler Room is Coming to Tunisia for the First Time

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Boiler Room Tunisia

Originating as a webcam taped to a wall in a London warehouse, a decade later, Boiler Room still provides keyhole access into the worlds best underground music scenes. Featuring over 4,000 performances, Boiler Room has built a unique musical archive, providing artists in over 150 cities with a global platform. 

Boiler Room has gained a cult following across the Arab world, with its Palestinian documentary shedding light on independent record label BLTNM, and their merch line giving all proceeds to Al Kamandjati, a local NGO with focus on music education. Boiler Room also made their mark on Morocco recently by taking part in the eco-friendly mood-heavy festival Atlas Electronic.

So it should come as no surprise that the platforms next stop would be Tunisia, more specifically Yüka, a nightclub on the the coastal town of Gammarth and home to one of the biggest emerging music scenes on the Mediterranean. 

From jazz master Omar el Ouaer to heavy electronic mainstay Shinigami San, the lineup at Yüka is both eclectic and innovative. Add in to this Boiler Room’s involvement, the Tunisian seaside town is about to become an open-air rave supported by international talent flown in everywhere from Tunisia to Iceland.

As a collaboration between Point Collective and Hype—who perform in locations from Vietnam and Batumi, to Istanbul and Miami—Berlin-based Point Collective offer management and booking, and they know how to throw a party. Based in Hammamet, Hype is renowned for their Tunisia-based beach parties. 

Tunisia’s Boiler Room special will host eight incredible artists, from one of Tunisias best electronic DJs Deena Abdelwahed to Tunisian electronic producer and DJ Cross End, the man behind A&R of Crossings, an atypical London-based local label. Also from Tunisia will be a set from HearThuG, the founder of Are You Alien, with support from big-time disk jockeys Patrice Baumel and Laurent Garnier. Farès Amara also known as Shamann will also take to the stage. 

Beyond Tunisian acts, the event will see Russian sound artist Dasha Redkina come to the stage, former resident of Russias finest house club ARMA17, Icelands leading techno maestro Exos and Len Faki Figure Records. There will also be the sound of Berghains best Stefan Goldmann, whos night Elektroakustischer Salon never fails to attract the more experimental crowds to Berlins mainstay club. The event will also welcome Madrid-based DJ Tadeo, founder of labels Cyclical Tracks, NET28 and Another Intelligence, before finding home ground with Token Records and Non Series.

Boiler Room x Point Collective x Hype, 21 September, Yüka, Tunisia
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