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Are Boot-Cut Jeans Really Making a Comeback?

Wave goodbye to your straight-cut pants

The 2000s were arguably fashion’s least flattering era. So, like most sensible people, I’ve managed to successfully suppress all memories of myself confidently wearing ultra-low-rise jeans, bedazzled tank tops, and of course, Von Dutch trucker hats.


Few of these trends have yet to weave their way back into style, and that’s something I’m honestly really happy about. But by the looks of it, a particular cut of jeans has somehow seeped through the cracks and wiggled its way into 2018—and despite having a stern position against literally every single 2000s sartorial trend, bootcut jeans are something I’m warming up to.



This probably has to do with the fact that flared pants made a comeback of their own a few years ago; challenging the now-unfathomable trend of cropped skinny jeans. But while flares have made a pretty solid impact, it seems that no one is able to completely give up their everlasting fondness of the straight cut ankle-length pant.


And there’s a reason for that. Tall or short, cropped jeans look great on everyone. Not to mention, with the length ending at your ankles, you’re essentially able to wear any kind of shoe. Bootcuts on the other hand, narrow as they are, are inarguably effortful for the stylistically inclined.



Since the 2000s, they’ve been reserved as the cut of choice by our beloved Arab dads, but as the cyclical nature of fashion commands, they might now become yours too. Not to worry though, there is a bright side to all of this. Bootcut jeans are comfortable!


Typically offering a more relaxed fit, you’ll spend exponentially less time squeezing into your pants in the morning. Not least, doing away with snug fits also means eliminating the irritating red marks tight jeans tend to leave on your skin. And with the hem falling below the ankle, they’re kind of the perfect winter pant.


In any case, the resurgence of the bootcut pant is practically inevitable. Everyone from Acne to Zara has released their own take on the trend. The only question remaining is whether bootcut is set to take over the reins.

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