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Bottega Veneta’s Instagram is About to be Better Than Netflix

This is your perfect distraction this weekend

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Coronavirus and self-isolation is causing stress and anxiety. For those who fear isolation and loneliness, these uncertain times can be particularly tough. “What can I do?” is a question many are asking themselves. And Bottega Veneta has got the answer: distraction.

The Italian brand just launched Bottega Residency—a new multi-platform concept defined as “a theatre of joyous distraction”. Bringing together music, film and food and collaborating with artists, rising chefs and film industry partners, the brand promises to get you a weekly dose of everything you need to remain inspired, entertained and positive. 

“Creativity and strength lie at the heart of Bottega Veneta. In this highly distressing time, we feel a responsibility to celebrate those values and ignite a sense of joy and hope in our community and beyond”, said Creative Director Daniel Lee in a statement.

Accessible across Instagram, Youtube, Weibo, Line, Kakao, Spotify, Apple Music, as well as being hosted on a mini-site, Bottega Residency will come alive over the course of each weekend and continue to live on within the brand’s overarching strategy.

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